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Do you hear footsteps in the middle of the night ?
2) Do you find your picture frames hanging to one side all the time ?
3) Do lights seem to blow at an all time high ?
4) Do objects keep getting moved around your home?
5) Do you notice strange odors around your home with no known cause.
6) Do you feel  cold in a certain room even though the heating is on ?
7) Do you feel at times something is attacking you while you sleep ?
8) At times can you sense something negative around you ?
9) Do you feel afraid in your own home even though you cannot seem to put your finger on why ?
10) Can you see beings that others cant see ?
11) Are you having ongoing bad luck that virtually happened overnight ?
If you answered yes to any of the above you may have a ghost or entity residing in your home.
Don't be alarmed.
 Most ghosts are harmless and can reside in old houses or buildings.
But then we have the other type that can cause chaos and major upset.If you feel you have an unwanted guest and have the desire to get rid of it press the button below.
Email me then to discuss your concerns

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