Kelly Mackey '' Psychic Medium And Shamanic Healer - '' When Your Darkest Hour Is Here''   Victory Is Near ''
This E Book is to give the reader an understanding of how the Mind Body And Spirit work together.

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'' Divine Intervention '' 

This E Book includes simple exercises to help individuals heal and to help open themselves up to connect with the Spirit World.

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This E Book entitled '' Will The Real You Please Stand Up '' is about Bullying in Relationships and how to notice the signs from abuse to extreme manipulation.

This book is for women even though men are abused, this E Book is for women.

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This E Book entitled '' I survived Suicide '' is about a woman called Madison who had a very lonely life, then meets the love of her life, her husband Michael who is killed in a car accident.

With so much grief she tries to commit suicide only to live and become a better person.

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My latest Ebooklet Entitled Mending The Broken Heart

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