Kelly Mackey '' Psychic Medium And Shamanic Healer - '' When Your Darkest Hour Is Here''   Victory Is Near ''

Online Shamanic Workshop Via Skype.
Learnings Include ....

1) What Shamanism is and how this energy will help you.

2)Shamanic Healing Session.

3) Journeying to meet your Power Animals and Guides.

4) How to recognise and clear energy from people animals , buildings and land.

5) Entity Removal.

6) Soul Retrieval.

 7) How to use everyday items and special items to clear individuals as well as use off the Shamanic Drum .

The above is just the basics off this workshop and there is much much more.

This workshop is done by Skype Video Chat communication .The Duration off this workshop is over 10 weeks and starts  a week later when workshop is paid for.

As it is 1 to 1 times and dates are flexible to accomodate.

Each Session is once every 2 weeks via skype for 1 and half hours .

Cost off this workshop is 500 Euro and is done 1 to 1 for individual needs.

As this is an Educational Workshop payment is Non Refundable.To be part off this exciting workshop you can order through paypal at the link below.

Namaste x