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Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Or Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder Is A

Medical Condition That Is Widely Misunderstood.

The Video Above Gives A Brief

Insight Into This Distressing Condition.

Mending The Broken Heart

What does a broken heart feel like.

It can feel like an overwhelming ache emotionally that never leaves.

What causes a broken heart ?

Mainly relationship breakups 'family issues 'severe rejection which can leave a feeling of lonliness and emptiness.

It can feel as if you have lost your zest for life and you just want to die. You can feel vulnerable depressed and anxious.

You may feel that things may never feel the same again. Why do we feel like this? You may ask. Why cant we just get over it? Thats the big question. Sensitive people will feel it more so than othres.

It may feel as if you have lost part of yourself. You may feel rejected to the point of feeling like a failure. The reality is you are not a failure'' You are human. You are just out of sync for the moment.

How do we mend a broken heart? Its not time that mends it. Its our perceptions and the way we see ourselves that heals us.Most of us have natural fears like fears of failure.

When someone lets us down badly we blame ourselves mostly. Why ? Cause at the best of times we feel its our fault. If only i did this if only i did that.

The reality is you done what you could at the time. Thats not to say it was perfect and all make mistakes but we need to learn from our pain also.

Example '' Take the battered woman that has been emotionally and physically abused because no matter what she done she could not please her husband.She feels isolated and lonely and blames herself. She feels it must be her fault. In reality it is not. But try telling her that. She cant see her strength as her weaknesses are being reinforced by an abusive partner. She turns into herself and shuts down.

What about the partner that does everything right in a relationship but does not get the same in return from their partner. This person is so eager to please but their partner can not see the good in their partner. They can be so selfish that they try to change their partner into a replica of themselves just to suit them.

What i am saying is a broken heart comes in many forms. What about the child that respects and loves their family only to be met by ridicule and a feeling of not been good enough. Can you imagine what kind of problems this child will have as an adult due to overly strict parenting.

A broken heart can take many forms and it can lie dormant for years.If you were hurt in the past by a partner 'friend or family member and are still angry about it it can cause all sorts of emotional problems in the future '' from trust issues to neediness to control.

How do you heal it ? You start by healing your anger. Your anger of what you felt at the time. The anger you are still feeling now.That anger is willing you to change. To change you as a person.

You cant change the situation or the person that caused you pain in the first place. you can only change what that situation at the time meant to you. Its our feelings that hurt us. Not people or situations even though they may have triggered it.They triggered something in you that may have been always present.

If you are reading this and feeling angry ask yourself why Do youstill hold contempt for certain people ? If you are reading this and feeling sad ask yourself why? Is it because you have buried your anger and turned it inwards?

Get in touch with the core emotion you are feeling.


People come with all sorts of personalities and some will not set out intentionally to hurt you while others will. It does not condone their behavior but we do have the choice.We can keep punishing ourselves or keep projecting our hurts and anger on to others because of what others done to us in the past.

We can choose to let these feelings go or we can choose to hold on to them. We can choose who we want in our lifes. We can choose to hold on to anger and hurt or to let it go. How is this upset serving you at the moment. Is it healing you ? I bet not. I bet its making you more angry and miserable holding on to those felings.

So how do you let go ? You need to start realising that no matter what ''the past is the past. You cant change it or anybody. The only thing and i mean the only thing you can change is your perceptions of events and the people that hurt you .Someone may have hurt you but who is hurting more at the minute .You or them? I bet its you.

You need to start realizing that you are worth more and you need to start realizing that everyone makes mistakes. The trick is not to hold on to those feelings and keep turning them inwards.

This will only produce more anger'' anxiety and more feelings of worthlisness. You need to start paying attention to your best qualities. Have you ever noticed when you focus on something good about yoursef the past ceases. What is happening here is you are accepting of everything.

You are accepting of you.Nobody orno situation can ever hurt you unless you allow it to. If you feel immense pain because of others its because you either have a feeling of loss or a feeling of being a total failure. What have you really lost ?

Its not a part of you. You really have gained. The knowledge in knowing that in your deepest agony comes your greatest gift.

The gift of realizing who you really are '' if you choose to believe it.

Premenstrual DysphoricDisorder

I have written this article because I feel a lot of women are suffering in silence with this crippling condition.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is similar to Pre Menstrual Syndrome but has more impact on a womans emotional and physical wellbeing. It can have a severe impact on how a woman feels about herself and how she behaves.

It can interfere in a womans work and on her everyday life. It generally occurs seven days prior to a womans menstrual cycle and can last up to four days within the cycle itself.

Do not confuse PDD with PMS.

All women go through the motions with PMS to some degree. PDD can interfere with normal functioning and has a severe impact on the sufferers life. Some women may suffer in silence and just get on with it the best they can.

Symptoms of PDD

Psychological Symptoms

Severe emotional outbursts.

Thoughts all over the place.


Feeling completely out of control.

Complete personality change.

Psychologically impacted before the monthly cycle and during it '' that they feel they may harm themselves.

Crying for no reason.

Extremely emotionally sensitive.

Anxiety and fear of losing control of one'self or one's one sanity.

Feeling out of touch with their surroundings.

Extreme Emotions.

Physical Symptoms.

Joint pain.( Especially in the knees and arms)

Trouble sleeping.

Vomiting especially in the morning.

Extreme trembling.

Migraines that last for hours.

Hot flushes.

Acne or Spots.

Feeling faint.


High sexual arousal.

Loss or increase in appetite.

Swollen legs or ankles.

Extreme tiredness.

Loss of energy.

These are just some of the Psychological and Physical symptoms that some women will experience with PDD.

There is no known cause for this disorder Some feel it has something to do with sensitivity to the hormones produced by a womans body just before and during her monthly cycle.

This is a serious disorder for any woman to live with. If you have some of the symptoms listed above and you feel your life is out of control just before and during your period do yourself a favour and go to your GP.

Suggested treatments available for this disorder include the mini pill and the coil.

If menstruation is stopped the distressing symptoms stop also. If treatment fails to stop menstruation some women in the past have opted to have a complete hysterectomy and ovary removal. There are a lot of treatments available for women with PDD. Speak to your doctor for the best treatment for you.


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