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Email Reading's

'Back by popular demand '

Psychic Email Readings are very popular in today's modern world ''

If you request an email reading.

I will require a photo to help me connect more quickly.

Please state your name and age also. You can send photo and name to

Reading's are normally sent via email within seven day's.

Bear in mind when I do a Psychic Reading messages from the Spirit World will be included.

 Mediumship Reading

This reading is for people that wish to contact someone in the spirit world. I use channelling to contact the spirit world and bring the information back to you. Mediumship readings can involve one or several spirits. Bear in mind that you may have more than one loved one in the spirit world and several spirits may come in during channelling.

I require a name and photo of the person you wish to contact.

Details can be sent to my email address.

Past Life Reading

Ever wondered what you were in a past life ?

Have you done everything and anything to move forward in life only to find you are still stuck? Has a lot of negative things happened around you and you wonder why it keeps happening to you ?

A past life reading may be what you need. It can help you make sense of your current life and help you remove blocks that are stopping you from moving forward. You will learn what your lessons in this life are and how to change them. I don't use cards in my readings. I just channel and bring all the information back to you.

I will need your photo and age.

Sent to

Reading will be sent via email within 7 days.

Relationship Readings

This reading is for people that are in a relationship and are wondering where their relationship is going or how to make changes within it.

I will help you take the blinkers off with both of ye and help point ye in the right direction. I am very honest in my speaking and you may learn a thing or two about yourselves.

Honesty is the best policy.

 I will require a photo of both of ye.

Photo can be sent to my email

Reading will be sent via email within 7 days.

Disclaimer:Under current legislation .Psychic Readings are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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