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What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a private conversation between me and the sitter .

( Possibly more when you count the guests from the spirit world ''

( depending on the sitter of couse.)

They can tell an individual about their past present and future.

They are fun ''enlightning'' and can be very healing.

Trust is essential and so is the emotional needs of the person I am reading for.

Mediumship readings are different.

They are direct contact with the spirit world.

They are very comforting and can help individuals with their grief and trauma.

They help people who are still holding on or individuals who had issues with the person that has past on in spirit.

When one comes to me for a Psychic Reading Spirits normally come into my space so the sitter will get messages from the Spirit World also.

For A Reading 1 To 1

Contact Me @ (089) 2556911)

Disclaimer:Under current legislation .Psychic Readings are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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