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I have been to see Kelly for reading's on three occasions. She constantly amazes me with her accuracy and knowledge. I would recommend her if you have issues that seem to never cease. Thank you Kelly ...

Marie Delayney....Meath

I went to see Kelly for A Psychic Reading as I was in dire straits after my marriage ended.

I had seen Counsellor's in the past for different issues and decided to contact Kelly. Her approach was heartwarming and she made me feel very at ease. Even though I was heartbroken that my marriage was over I learnt something that I never realized.

I realized after two Readings it was safe for me to let go and move on. I had an awareness in me that ''I am worth something. I got my independence back...

Carmel Reilly....Monaghan

I went to see Kelly in Seventh Heaven last July for a Psychic Reading. I did not expect a lot but after ten minutes I was intrigued.

Not only did my Mam come in from the spirit world but also my aunt that had passed away ten year's previous.

I left that day and in the following day's I started to have strange occurance' s.What had happened that day was Kelly had helped me open up to the Spirit world............ I never knew it existed.

A Gifted Lady .......Samantha Morris ....Fermanagh.

My name is Kerry. I called to see Kelly for Irritable Bowel.

At the time it was going on for three years and the doctors put it down to anxiety. After four sessions it totally disappeared. Kelly also showed me breathing exercises to help with stress in the future. Thanks you ................Kerry..... Cavan.

John here........... I had a bad accident years ago and my back was giving me serious trouble. Kelly done Shamanic work and seemed as if she pulled something out of my back. I felt a tugging as if something was removed. That was my first and last session........My back never give me trouble since. Many thanks.........John..... Meath

I visited Kelly for a reading three months ago.

I was getting it very hard to let go of a previous partner. On my way home in the car I felt a presence beside me. This scared me. I stopped the car and opened the back door and I felt something breeze past me. I looked up in amazement. Across the road I seen a statue of the Virgin Mary. I got back into my car extremely baffled. It only dawned on me then. I had let go of my previous partner.............

A genuine and beautiful woman ...........Thank you xxx Claire Mc Inerney............Belfast.

I went with a group of friends to have our fortune's told to see Kelly a couple of month's ago. At the time I was very vulnerable and going through serious issues within my relationship with my boyfriend. Kelly picked up on them right away.She then mentioned a name to me and I felt as if my world was crashing down. What happened was ''A Spirit came in from the other side. She happened to be my boyfriend's ex who had passed on three years previously. The problems in our relationship was to do with my boyfriend's ex. I felt Iwas being compared to her constantly and it put a strain on us. The Spirit passed on information to me that day .It was only a couple of days later when I started to view the troubles in our relationship more differently.

Something shifted in me. I realized that I did not have to compete anymore..... Visiting Kelly was the best thing I ever did....... I have been back to see her since.

Due to the sensitivity of this story I am leaving the identity of this client confidential.

Kelly's readings are extremely entertaining and I came out in top form. She made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Who need's alcohol...............Her prediction's also came true.

David Montgomery ............. Navan

Pauric here....I went to Kelly two years ago. At the time I lost my job and my relationship was about to breakdown.I was depressed and could see no way out.

I had three sessions with Kelly which involved Psychic

Readings and Shamanic Healing.........I realized that life has it's up's and downs and unfortunately I could not seem to cope with the downfalls.There was a part of me very controlling. In order for me to break the habit I had to let go. I had to realize that trying to control was doing me more harm than good.

Kelly helped me change my perceptions.

I am much happier now......... Pauric Navan......

Karen........As a phobic for most of my life I was scared of everything.I always felt vulnerable and relied on others to help me along in life. I could not even leave the house unless there was someone with me. There was terror everywhere.

Kelly helped me trace the root of why I was feeling so scared. It was unbelievable. Something that happened to me as a child and seemed so small was ruining my life.When we got to the root the following days were so strange. I felt different. At first I was a little scared.What had happened to me was what I was actually feeling was normality...It took me two weeks to get used to it.I am great now........I have my independence at last.....

Karen....... Meath


We heard about Kelly on the internet and decided to travel to see her.We were amazed at her Psychic Readings...

Apart from the fun we had'' her accuracy left us dumbfounded.

We will be back.......

x...........Donna Francis Kate....Dublin

These stories are true. There are many more I could add...............

I thank my client's for their kind permission in sharing these stories.

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