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Intuitive Consultation

Have you visited the doctor on an ongoing basis and they cant seem to find out what is wrong with you ?

Are you fed up been told that what you are experiencing may all be in your head ?

Are you still continuing to suffer and doubting yourself after everything even though the painful symptoms keep persisting ? Well this consultation may be for you. Welcome to the world of the Spirit Doctor.

What does a Spirit Doctor do?

I will tune in on your symptoms and journey to the Spirit World to see what is going on with you. I will bring back the information to you and the guidance I recieve will be recommended to you.

A in depth consultation costs E 50.00.

Payment can be paid by visa or mastercard through Paypal. ( I require a photo and symptoms being currently experienced.

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Disclaimer: Please Note : This consultation is not to be replaced for medical advice given to you by your practitioner.It is only to be used as a last resort when all medical investigations have been ruled out and symptoms persist. Please Note : I do not treat individuals that have serious illnesses. Intuitive Consultation is used as a guide only and is not a diagnosis to be replaced by the medical profession.

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