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'' The Inner Conflict ''

Whistle Whistle I hear you calling'

Inside I feel like crawling.

Thunder Thunder Feeling Within'

Ohh God ''What do I need to do to fit in ?

Fight Fight ''My Chest Is Tight'

Where do I find the light ?

Crushed Crushed suffocating within'

What kind of world is this to live in ?

Switch Switch why dont you click ?

This darkness is making me sick.

Whistle Whistle I hear you calling'

But this time I feel like bawling.

Presence Presence I feel it so strong'

Now I know where I belong.

Light Light I see it in sight'

Oh God I feel you hold me tight.

Lord God Can I ask you why ?

You left me so long to die ?

Whistle Whistle is speaking to me '

Telling me to come and see. Standing in front of me 'Whistle says what will it be ?

I am feeling confused and a little amused'

Whistle says'' Love and light ' Darkness and Fear'

Which will you choose to be near ?

Remember when you get a fright'

I will be here to hold you tight.

Whistle Whistle you are full of love and light'

So I just look in the mirror and you hold me tight ?

There There ' Always be aware'

That there is someone inside you that always cares.

By Kelly Lynch Mackey



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