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Private Psychic Tuition

In a Seven hour one to one intensive session

I will help you open up your Psychic And Mediumship Ability.

Tuition is run on a day to suit you.

Light lunch included

A session includes Preparation.

This Entails:

1) Healing oneself which will include me working on you to clear your

energy system.

2) Psychic Activation.

3) Deep Meditation And Meeting Your Psychic Guides.

4) Psychic Skills.

5) The passing on of my Psychic Technique that is unknown to others.

6) Telepathic Communication.

Tuning in on people and in some cases using cards as a prop to help.

7) Mediumship.

8) Spiritual Awareness

The cost of this Tuition is 250 Euro and can be paid on the day of Tuition or through Paypal by Credit Or Laser Card.

Contact me for more details.

Kelly Mackey

(086 3314053 )

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