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Why do I need Counselling

Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges and situations where we feel we cannot cope.

We can feel all sorts off emotions like sadness, depression anxiety , loss.

A feeling off emptiness and strong feelings like anger and even rage that can lead to feelings off being out off control and sometimes we feel trapped within these emotions and feel as if there is no ending in sight.

Even though we have no control over what happens to us in life sometimes we hurt because of the impact these feelings have over us. Take grief for instance ' You lose somebody you love dearly and it cuts to the core off you. You feel you will never be the same person again.You wonder how you can keep going on in life .The pain is so great. Bear in mind that the feelings you are experiencing is a natural part of the grieving process but they do pass.They say time is a great healer but it's not really time that heals you. It's you that heals you. During our most challenging times we are forced to change within ourselves. Sometimes change happens for people and sometimes people cant seem to get over their pain and loss.Counselling a person who is grieving is a delicate time and my job as a Counsellor is to help the person intergrate the trauma and loss so the pain lessens and to show the individual that life does go on. It can also help the individual grow on a deeper level.I offer the individual the tools to help them heal themselves.

Remember a broken heart comes in many forms. Not just through the death of a loved one. A relationship breakdown can be very traumatizing on the individual.The loss is so great that the individual can feel as if a part off them has died.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder.Individuals experiencing this type off disorder can experience all sorts off anxiety provoking thoughts and in their distress will perform certain rituals to rid themselves off the unwanted thoughts.A lot off individuals will suffer in silence because they are ashamed and embarrassed to talk about the way they are thinking and behaving. It's normal to have unwanted thoughts passing through our minds. The person with Obsessive Compulsive will actually have a severe emotional reaction to these unwanted thoughts and eventually can develop a belief system that their is something wrong with them. Example'' They are crazy or defected in some way.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Unwanted thoughts that cause an intense fearful emotional reaction .

Rituals to neutralize the unwanted thoughts.

Fears that are associated with this disorder are.

Fears off hurting others especially the ones you love.

Fears off doing things that are against the nature off who you are.

A deep rooted fear that the you may be evil because of the very fact that you have these disturbing thoughts in the first place.

Blasphemous thoughts ' An example would be a very religious individual who attends mass every Sunday but who is full of fear because every Sunday while in Church she gets an over whelming urge to shout obsceneties at the Priest.

A new mother fears she will harm her baby.

They are just a few examples but there are lots more.

Classic OCD'' Examples are contamination issues where an individual might touch a certain object and then have to go and wash their hands several times to be certain they are not contaminated by germs.

Another example would be a mother who gets up at 3am in the morning to clean her house. Just to be certain everything is in order.

Being orderly is another common trait off classic ocd. Everything in it's right place.

Symptoms in Teenagers: Phobic Responses .Immaculate hygiene.Constant handwashing. Refusal to wear an item more than once unless it is washed after each wear. Constant reassurance on trivial things. Panic attacks. Racing thoughts going through their minds but to embarrassed to say what they are. Isolation and loneliness

An over the top mistrust off themselves.

A lot off individuals with this disorder '' Doubt Themselves'' . OCD is a big area and causes many symptoms. If you suspect you may have OCD it's important you seek help. You are not alone.

Obsessive bad thoughts is another aspect of OCD without the rituals.I recommend this book'' The imp of the mind by Lee Baer PHD.

You will find it on

We all have bad thoughts fleeting through our minds from time to time.They come and go and we pass no remarks off them. Unfortunately the person with this disorder

will obsess about these thoughts for hours every day causing severe emotional reactions within themselves.It eats away at their self esteem and confidence and a feeling off not been able to trust themselves. If you suspect your loved one may have this disorder help them ' help themselves.

I offer Spiritual Counselling in many areas from Bereavement' Trauma' Relationship Break Up 'Domestic Violence' Sexual Abuse Survivors' Depression ' Phobias And Anxiety 'Panic Disorder' Stress'' Teenage Bullying. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ''Self Esteem And Trust Issues . Anger Issues .Etc.

Confidentiality Is Guaranteed At All Times.

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