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What is Spiritual Healing ?

Spiritual Healing is a very gentle non invasive approach'

which works on the Spiritual'

Emotional and Physical aspects of an individual.

Our bodies are made up off energy and over time due to stress or disease that energy gets blocked 

Spiritual Healing works on a higher level to relieve the individual of the blocks that are causing the ailments in the first place.

Ailments treated. Stress'' Emotional Problems'' Anxiety'' Depression''Backache'' Migraine'' PMS'' Strains'' Joint Problems'' Sinus 'Skin Disorders' Irritable Bowel'' ETC.


This healing works on meridian points in our system. A little bit like Acupuncture but without the needles.Gentle tapping on these points can release blocks that is causing the symptoms in the first place.

Can help release a lot of emotional disturbances and physical problems that have no known cause. Contact me for more details.

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